In a time of crisis, many needs will surface.   The question becomes how we can minister to and support those around us, especially in our local community.

Here at Alma Bible Church, we always encourage you to first support the church where you worship regularly and call home.  If you are looking for additional opportunities and looking to support some of our local ministries, we would encourage you to think about sharing with the following:


Here at Alma Bible Church, we operate a ‘benevolence fund’. We make every effort to keep this fund available to anyone who may have a need. This fund is open to anyone, even those that don’t consider themselves part of the Alma church community.




The Centre Wellington Food Bank is dedicated to easing hunger in this community by providing food and other resources in a compassionate and supportive environment.




The Pregnancy Care Centre is located in downtown Fergus. They speak to hundreds of students in local schools about healthy relationships, social media safety and decision-making as well as provide supportive programs and services to women facing an unexpected pregnancy that are in need of help and support.




Providing Shelter and Support for Pregnant and Parenting Women In Need In Our Community.



A community of people committed to seeing youth have the opportunity and means to live a balanced life: mentally, socially, physically and spiritually.