Welcome to our Sunday Morning Live experience.

Link to our live stream:
Sunday Morning Live

To participate in our Sunday Morning Live experience simply work through the steps below.   If you start at 9:30, you should have plenty of time to be prepared for the 10 a.m. live stream of the message.   We are planning to have a communion time this Sunday.  The communion time will be part of the live stream, and will take place before the message.   Please read ahead so that you can be prepared.

Step 1 – Bulletin

2020-04-19 – Bulletin

Step 2 – Scripture and Song
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Scripture Reading
Music Playlist

Step 3 – Live Stream
For this Sunday’s live stream we plan to include a time for communion. Please make sure that you have the elements (grape juice and bread or crackers) ready ahead of time if you plan to partake.  If not, this would be a great time to listen, and then enjoy a nice quiet time of prayer.

If you do plan on joining us in communion, please exercise caution.  Be sure to abide by the guidelines put out by the local authorities.  Careful attention to the health and well being of everyone in your home is essential.

Link to our live stream:
Sunday Morning Live

Step 5 – Digging Deeper

Sermon Outline