Hello Church Family,

We’re excited to be able to gather together in our church building this Sunday, June21. The Sunday morning service will continue to be streamed online so that our whole church family is able to participate in Sunday services. We hope that you’ll join us, either in person or online, at 10:00 a.m.

There is limited space available as we will only be meeting in the sanctuary. The seating capacity will be 70 persons. If you would like to attend in person this Sunday, please email us at yvonne.deboer@almabiblechurch.org Please include in that email the number of people that will be attending with you. Please do your best let us know if you will be attending in person by 6pm this Saturday.

What can you expect this Sunday?

  • Our service will start at 10am. We encourage you to arrive early so that the ushers can see you to a seat in time for the service to start. Please do not all show up at 9:55.
  • When you arrive you’ll enter through the main doors under the car-port, where you will be directed to the main sanctuary doors. An usher will greet you when you arrive.
  • You’ll be asked to sanitize your hands once you enter the main doors or anywhere along your way to the sanctuary. There are additional sanitizing stations if you need to use them once inside the building.
  • If you choose to wear a mask, please bring your own. We will have a few extras in case you forget to bring your own. Masks are not mandatory.
  • We would encourage you to use the washroom before leaving home to minimize bathroom use. The only washroom available this Sunday will be the wheelchair washroom beside the nursery, in the foyer. It will be cleaned and disinfected between each use.
  • Please bring activities to occupy your children if needed. ALL Church items will be locked away.
  • We will worship together online and in person as one church body, even though we have to meet in different locations.

Should I attend the service in person?
Please join us in person if:

  • You are comfortable attending a service in our church building
  • You show no signs or symptoms of any illness including COVID-19
  • You aren’t high risk if you contract COVID-19

Please join us online if:

  • You have traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days
  • You have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms
  • You have any symptoms of COVID-19 or another sickness

If you are immune compromised, over the age of 65 years, putting you in a higher risk category or you are a vulnerable person susceptible to COVID-19 for any other reason, please consider taking advantage of the online option. We trust your discretion as you follow your conscience.

We understand that in making your decision there are many factors that need to be taken into account, as to whether you should attend in person or online. We pray that wherever you participate from, you are blessed and feel just as much a part of our church family as everyone else.

Final things to know:

  • Please continue to give your offering as you have during COVID-19. If you prefer to give by cheque or cash, there will be an offering basket set up and clearly marked on your way into the sanctuary.
  • When the service is over you will be ushered back out through the main doors in the foyer, where you will be directed to the parking lot.
  • The church will be cleaned, following the service, with a disinfectant. All common touch-points will be treated.
  • There will not be coffee served, and, for at least this week, we will not be partaking in the Lord’s Table.

We understand that these restrictions are not ideal for our gathered family who would love a hearty handshake. We must trust in God for our health while at the same time practice prudence.

Let’s display love, grace and wisdom as we come back together. Please bear with us as we figure it all out. I can assure you that there will most likely be some glitches along the way as we seek to provide opportunities for everyone. We have been given the trust and respect of government and as a result we need to steward this responsibility well.

We miss you and hope you will be joining us this weekend, wherever that might be!


Alma Bible Church Leadership