Sermon\Live Video Feed  (Sunday at 10am)

Welcome to our Sunday Morning Live experience.  Please follow the steps below, and be sure to send us any questions, comments or suggestions that you might have.


This page was put together in an effort to clearly lay out what we hope to do for worship.   Feel free to work your way through the list below.  If you start at 9:30, you should have plenty of time to be prepared for the 10am live stream of the message.   We apologize in advance that we were not able to put this all together in one simple location.  The document links are on our own webpage, the music is on YouTube, and the sermon is on Facebook.   In an ideal world we would have everything for you in one location.   We hope to work on this going forward, but would appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Please feel free to share this page with friends and family.

Step One

Begin by reading through the announcements.   These were sent out earlier this week through the prayer chain.  You will note when reading, that all the dates published are tentative for obvious reasons.  We will keep you informed, and change the dates as the need arises.


Step Two

We have created an Alma Bible Church YouTube channel.

The following link will take you to the suggested songs (playlist) that have been put together specifically for our worship time this morning.

Worship Music for Sunday March 29, 2020

You can also visit our YouTube homepage with the following link.  We don’t have much content there yet, but are working on it.   When you visit, be sure to click on that red “Subscribe” button.

Alma Bible Church YouTube Channel

Step Three

Please read Psalm 91.

Step Four

The plan is to go live at 10am Sunday March 29.   We would love for you to join our live stream on the Alma Bible Church Facebook page.

Sermon\Live Video Feed

Many of you have expressed appreciation in having a sermon outline.  For those of you who wish to take notes, or at least follow along, the sermon outline is available for download here:

Sermon Outline

List of Bible Verses from Proverbs on Relationships

Step Five

For those of you who wish to engage in some form of discussion after the sermon, or are looking to dig a little deeper, the following questions have been provided.

Questions for discussion