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Sunday Morning Live – March 29, 2020

by McCready, Mark

Sermon\Live Video Feed  (Sunday at 10am) Welcome to our Sunday Morning Live experience.  Please follow the steps below, and be sure to send us any questions, comments or suggestions that you might have. Overview This page was put together in an effort to clearly lay out what we hope to do for worship.   Feel free […]

Called To Compassion

by McCready, Mark

You may have heard by now that in the few days following the announcement of closures and the declaration of the ‘state of emergency’ that there was a run on some of the basic necessities at the grocery store. People were rushing in and hoarding some of the basics like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. […]

Taking In God’s Word

by Playford, Luke

There is no doubt that we are living in unusual times. You have probably heard that many times over the past few days. There has been a lot to process and think about and not a lot of time as the landscape of Covid-19 continues to change everyday. One of the things that is going […]

Keeping In Touch

by McCready, Mark

As we continue to be impacted by the growing spread of the coronavirus, Luke and I have been chatting about what we can do to help support us as a ‘local church community’. We have been thinking and talking about a number of things, but one thing that has become very clear is that online […]

Fear vs Faith

by McCready, Mark

So, I am supposed to be in Michigan with my wife and kids spending time with extended family. Before I was able to drive away, I heard some major announcements on the radio that made me second guess the wisdom of traveling.   So, instead, here we are.  My wife, two daughters and I are cooped […]


by McCready, Mark

Welcome to the Alma Bible Church website. I want to thank you for visiting and would encourage you to spend some time looking around. Here at Alma, we are very much a family. We are a group of people who are always learning what it means to be a child of God and to function […]

An Attitude Of Gratitude

by McCready, Mark

I love the fall season. I love it for a number of reasons. Hockey season begins anew – a sport that I played year after year as a child. Football season begins. Baseball is at the height of its season. OK I am a sports nut. But I also love the fall colors. I love […]

God is Good

by McCready, Mark

I am not sure where it comes from, but there is this idea that mankind, that every human being is inherently good. There are many people who strongly believe that deep down inside every person is something that is just good. They believe that if we just let every person develop naturally without negative influence […]

Failures aren’t final

by McCready, Mark

Do you ever look back and wish you had done things differently? Have you ever wished that there really was such a thing as a time machine – something you could crawl into and go back in time so as to undo some major mistake you made? Ever wish you could go back and tell […]

Christian Communion

by McCready, Mark

Over the years, there has often been a fascination with the Christian celebration of communion. Early on, those not familiar with Christianity would hear of this celebration and hearing about the bread being the body and the wine being the blood drew the conclusion that Christians were in fact cannibals. This conclusion is in fact […]